Wadley Family History

The research and compiling of the information that makes up this family ancestory site has been a labour of love. It is my way of honouring our ancestors and it is my gift to all those who are in any way connected.

My work into our family history is not finished yet. I will be updating this site regularly and would appreciate any comments, corrections and additional information. I have intentionally not published any details about living members and will never hand out personal details with express permission. My main areas of interest are the:

Wadley Family History & Wadley family tree

Sayer Family History and Sayer family tree

Jarrad Family History and Jarrad family tree


I have used a number of sources to gather all this family history: the National Archives, Census records, Birth, Death and Marriages records, Immagration lists, Army records, but the most rewarding has been speaking to family members to archive their family photos and stories. Where possible I have made reference to all sources of my information and I remain indebted to everyone who has contributed (especially Margaret Wadley, Brian Wadley, Barbara Allwood, Mark Jarrad, June Nightingirl, JP Sayer,Ian Sayer, Laurel Sayer and Harry Sayer, Rob Winfield). Thank you! I have amassed a couple of large trunks full of letter and photos which I have digitised and catalogued. If you have any specific interest which I have not mentioned in this family ancestry project, contact me.


Latest news

I know you would expect this site to deal with the past, but most of us are very interest in the present too. Please can you send me any topical family news such as births, marriages, even round robin emails so that I can keep adding to this ever growing database..



last updated 08/10/2016